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We take pride in our seamless collaborations with a diverse array of partners, ranging from dynamic startups to Fortune 500 corporations, and specialize in CPG, Consumer Electronics, Cannabis and CBD brands. Our extensive experience has endowed us with a unique perspective, enabling us to creatively conceptualize and flawlessly execute your goals. Whether you are embarking on a new venture, expanding your brand, or seeking innovative solutions, our track record speaks to our ability to navigate diverse landscapes and deliver exceptional results.




At XXperiential (XXP), we redefine the event management and logistics landscape by seamlessly integrating creative design, recruiting, and staffing services into a full-service experience. Our mission is clear: to establish enduring partnerships that bridge the gap between brands and their audience.

With a cumulative experience of over 20 years in event management and logistics, our team embodies the perfect fusion of "creativity and innovation." As a collective agency, XXP is committed to strategic thinking, creative vision, thoughtful design, and flawless execution.

As advocates for unique and engaging brand interactions, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated force in connecting people and brands. Our approach is rooted in passion—passion for customer loyalty, brand distinctiveness, and relationship building. We aim to leverage our expertise to make a positive difference in shaping the future of the cannabis industry.


Join us in the pursuit of excellence as we combine experience, creativity, and skill to create impactful and memorable experiences that elevate brands to new heights.

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